The business success of AQUADAC d.o.o. is based on meeting the expectations and satisfying the needs of our customers, suppliers and associates, in order to realize quality products and services. We implement our quality policy by preforming the following principal activities: 

– Professional and impartial performance of work, with systematic fulfilment of requirements of technical regulations and contract documentation, as well as requirements of customers and associates.

– Continuous improvement of service quality in order to achieve customer satisfaction, fulfil their wishes and needs for quality, reliability and security of services provided.

– Care for the environment and rational use of energy.

– All processes related to management, securing of resources, control and realization of products and services have been identified.

– Methods have been documented and applied to ensure the effective planning, management and implementation of these processes and their continuous improvement.

– By applying risk and opportunity recognition processes, we improve the efficiency of AQUADAC d.o.o. and strive to achieve the quality of our products and customer satisfaction.

All our products and business processes are based on the principles of quality management, and the satisfaction of our clients and associates is our main focus and orientation. We are committed to meeting the demands of our clients and associates and constantly improving the quality of our products and business processes.

Knowledge, expertise and ongoing concern for employee education provides us with innovative products and processes for the global market.

Responsibilities have been identified for all employees, adequate authority and knowledge to fulfil these responsibilities, as well as developing of the employees’ awareness of the importance and impact of their work on quality.

The management of AQUADAC d.o.o. will continue to improve the efficiency of the quality management system and strive for superior quality of services and products delivered. Each delivery should be a recommendation for a new job.

We build trust based on mutual respect from both our employees and our customers, consumers and business associates. These activities are achieved through the implementation of a quality management system established and maintained in accordance with the requirements of the standard  ISO 9001: 2015.

The duties and obligations of all employees of AQUADAC d.o.o. are to acquaint themselves with the established quality policy, to secure its continuous implementation, the improvement of products and services, the improvement of the management system and understanding of the importance of achieving the goals set. These policies and objectives are periodically evaluated and improved.

Chairman of the Board
Eros Ipsa